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  • dop2000

    Can you tell me what's wrong with my Waterproof Mode events?

    The WP bar keeps getting stuck at "filled mode" and won't reset after WP mode ends. I assume the same thing is happening with the WP variable as well..

    Screenshots are inside the drive.

  • Have you tried debugging? Run the game in debug mode, pause when the WP mode ends, check all variables. Add Browser->Log actions into the "UpdateWPBar" function, you'll see in the console log when it gets called.

  • Update: I have already refined all layouts and gameplay mechanics, so let's talk about the boss fight.

    So, when the boss fight layout starts, I want a cutscene to happen at the beginning. At the start, the camera pans above the player, but it starts to move upwards slowly. The camera then shows sprites of the sperm cell enemy merging together, forming a huge shadow in the water, which will proceed to form the boss, called the Squirm.

    The Squirm will roar and do a menacing attack stance, thus starting the fight.

    The Squirm will have 2 behaviors: 1. Producing sperm clusters that chase the player, 2. Dashing towards the player to hit them.

    If the Squirm hits the surrounding pool borders, it will emit the "Hit Wall" sfx and be stunned for a while. Also, the Squirm doesn't have an HP bar, but it does have 3 Sperm Cores which have to be destroyed via dashing and colliding with it.

    My questions are:

    1. How do I make the cutscene using the most efficient way?

    2. Most of the mechanics here are the same mechanics used in previous layouts. Any methods to copy them inside the "Boss" layout?

    I think those will do for now. I give my utmost gratitude to you for sticking to this project after all this time, and this is the final obstacle to completion T_T

    As always screenshots regarading the boss are inside the drive.

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  • dop2000

    Okay, the questions on my previous post have mostly been solved.

    But there's this problem about the boss' angle.

    The boss has a static angle that will never change (because I want the boss to keep standing straight), unless when the boss activates its DASH behavior.

    When the boss dashes, it will adopt an attacking stance first before dashing and once again changing its sprite into a dashing one.

    But I don't know how to change it's dashing sprite angle to face the player.

    Screenshots are inside the drive, I really need help on this one since it's kinda difficult to search for a solution regarding this matter.

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