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  • Hello im new in c2 i been chilling around with it and is time to ask some questions .

    I was wondering if you could help me with ideas or telling me how to do these things:


    menu appears when touching oon x object : this shouldnt be an image, it should be like a container or smth with a bg image , and the selectable objects added (so i can add efects on them when selected)

    look at 0:22 on this youtube video:

    smth like that.


    I needed to play a War Tank sound when tanks on screen, wich way is better?

    a- Adding events so when tanks come inside screen then play sound , when it leaves stop sound (note, more than one sound playing at same time , but same sound

    b- global variable, when tank goes inside screen, then add + 1 to variable, when it leaves, -1 to variable , then when variable is > than cero, play sound, when less than 1, stop sound (note just 1 sound)

    I ask this cuz im not sure about how it works, if then option a is taking more resources than b or not.

    For now just this....thanks you all

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  • 1. Sounds like you need a menu that is one large image for the background and then composed of smaller dynamic sprites. Not sure what you mean that it shouldn't be an image as I'm not really sure of how else you could make a menu. Certainly not a single image could make a good looking menu cause you want buttons to pop out when you roll over them.

    2. I would use the first method of playing the sound but off the top of my head. I try to minimize the number of global variables if I can do it just using the instance of the tank itself.

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