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  • When my character sprite comes up to the balloon, I want her to change her animation to having her hands held out and she looks like she is hanging. That is in place. I have to disable controls because if they press left or right it will set her animation to default. She goes up with the balloon... but her animation is not changing to "Ballooning" it just stays default and I'm not sure why?

    and here is the ballooning animation:

  • This usually happens if the default animation event is below your desired animation in the list and all conditions for the default are met at the same time. You can test this by moving the event for the balloon animation below the default animation.

  • Ballooning is the bottom animation. It's new I just added it and it is the last.

  • I'm not sure why you are messing with the timescales, and instead of disabling the behaviours you might want to just stop the movement an use start ignoring input, also i wouldn't use is overlapping, but use a trigger like on collision and moving the balloon 250 pixels in one tick doesn't sound like a good balloon movement..

    So I guess I don't understand what you are trying to do in this event..

    something like this should work:

    player on collision with balloon

    • player pin to balloon
    • player start ignoring input
    • player set animation
  • LittleStain I never heard of ignore input where do I find that? I just put 250 pixels to test it.

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  • it's one of the actions of 8 direction behaviour and platform behaviour..

    you find it where all the other actions are..

  • Thank you! Well that works but still the same problem... her animation is not changing.

  • You probably have a conflicting event setting animation somewhere..

    if both events have conditions that are true, both events will be executed every tick, so it seems like nothing happens..

  • Problem is somewhere else than on this event. You are probably instantly changing the animation to default so it doesn't take affect. I would suggest some type of state variable that you take into account when setting idle animations and others.

    For example when you hit the balloon set state variable "ballooning"

    When state "ballooning" and button x pressed set state variable "regular"

    when state variable "regular" and move set animation to walk etc...

  • That sounds right Katala I will try that and post the results tonight or tomorrow... out of time for the moment..

  • Okay I got the time & tried it Katala yes that works perfectly now. Like this (also I added "unless ballooning" to the default animation call):

    Now my problem is something new Her hands are not holding the string they are off to the side too much. How can I make the pin be from one sprite's image point to another sprite's image point? Or is that done some other way...?

  • Well I made it look like she's holding the string by creating a "grabbed" animation on the balloon where the string moves over to the side (under her hands) using rope style pin. But I still wish there was a "image point to image point" connector of some type.

  • you could set the position on collision.

    imagepoint- to-imagepoint doesn't exist, but with some math you could set the sprite origin to the imagepoint and then move the sprite the amount of pixels the imagepoint is offset..

  • yea

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