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  • This time I got a quite simple question. How do I flip particles when character is mirrored? I tried turning the particle 180 degrees instantly after it is spawned, but it doesn't seem to work.

    There isn't any mirroring actions so I belive mirroring the effect and its graphics isn't an option. That doesn't matter because I just want the effect to turn around and move into opposite direction.

  • If you use "Spawn another object" on your character sprite, and not "System -> Create object", the particles spawned should be spawned with the character's angle.

  • Sounds alright, but I'm not using angles for my character. Only mirroring and animated transitions.

  • Ah, sorry, I see. You should put an event right after the particle is spawned:

    Character is mirrored:
    -> Set Particle angle to: Character.Angle-180
  • That's what I tried. It turned the angle of the particle, but the graphic itself didn't turn around. I mean, the particle is shooting these sort of arrows/waves and I want the to turn around as player is mirrored.

    I did it the "dirty" way and made another particle system with mirrored graphics. This is actually something that should be added to your to-do list :O

  • Did you use "Set bullet angle"? Try "Set angle" instead.

  • Example capx (made in r93)

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  • i think he means that the particle graphics dont rotate with the angle and that is true, the particle-flow rotates with angle not the graphic,

    arrows are a good example, when spawning, they will always be in the same direction, there is no rotationcontrol on the particles

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