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  • I am trying to do gravity flipping when pressing space. I created a variable called FlipGracity and gave it value 0 or 1. 0 will make the player fall down and 1 fall up. I can only make the character fall up when pressing space. However when i copy the event again and change the variable, the character couldn't fall up or down.

    It only works if i use different keys, like space for falling up and z for falling down.

    Could someone please take a look on my capx file? thanks!


  • Hey nicklowkcmagic,

    it did not work because it is first checked whether your variable is 0 to set it to 1 and after that it is checked whether your variable is 1 to set it to 0. So the variable is 1 for one tick. Try it with 'else':

    + Keyboard: On Space pressed
    ----+ Player: FlipGravity = 0
    -----> Player: Set FlipGravity to 1
    ----+ System: Else
    -----> Player: Set FlipGravity to 0
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  • Here is how you can do this in one action:

    Set FlipGravity to (FlipGravity=0)

  • nicklowkcmagic

    set the instance variable to 1 or -1, depends of which direction you want at start. Then change your code to:

    Player | FlipGravity=1 -> Player| SetPlatform gravity to 1500
    Player | FlipGravity=-1 -> Player| SetPlatform gravity to -1500
    Keyboard | On space pressed -> Player | Set FlipGravity Player.FlipGravity *-1
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