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  • I'm well aware that this question has been posted many times before. Unfortunately, the link to a .CAPX for it only threw a 404.

    Be that as it may, I would be really interested in an example of how to implement a page flip effect similar to what people can do with CSS transform based libraries like turn.js

    I'd also be interested in whether anyone has ever created a DOM/Canvas hybrid. IMHO, something like that would be quite interesting. DOM for the flip book itself and Canvas for the content (especially mini-games*) would be a quite interesting way of designing an interactive book, I'd imagine.

    *In fact, mini-games as a bonus to such an interactive book experience would be the only major reason for such a combination, as creating a mere ebook inside a turn.js based DOM is way too easy to pass.

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  • :) you got this?

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