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  • First my name is Michael, nice to meet everyone. I'm looking to request help to understand, how can I flip this image like, imagine you're peering down at your phone and, you push down the middle of the phone, towards the edge. Then flip it. I want to simulate this image to flip with physics just like how I explained with the phone. I also want to create the illusion that, the picture is coming closer by expanding in size and, then falling away reducing in size. Thanks for the help.

    TLDR: Image needs two sides,like a playing card. flip-able,physics,expand/reduce in size during flip.

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  • Hello Michael and welcome.

    There are events that can handle all of what you mentioned. For the flip, go to your sprite, and choose the flip option for when you want it triggered.

    As for expanding and reducing size, you can use the set size for the sprite. If you want it to gradually expand instead of jumping from one size to another, you could use a variable, and set it to every seconds (exact time will depend on your taste) add 1 to variable, than every tick set your sprite size to the variable. An easier method would be to use the litetween plugin.

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