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  • Hello!

    Is it possible to turn the camera or the gaming world?

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/38677931/Camera%20revers.png" border="0">

    An example can be found in my old flash game - Inverted Y


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  • It's not a camera inversion but a gravity inversion (and sprite inversion as well where pertinent) in most of this types of games. I'm not sure C2 already has this. But if not it's pretty easy to simulate. One thing that you should take atention is that if the gravity is inverted you must invert the controls to. Example. Normal gravity Left Arrow makes character walk to Left , Right walks to Right . On inverted gravity Left Arrow must make character go to Right and Right Arrow to Left. But if you want to confuse player just leave it like it is and the player 99% of times will press Left and expect character to go Left but it goes Right instead. Yeah that can get confusing :)

  • ^ Sounds like he's asking for more than just gravity inversion. He wants the world ITSELF to turn upside down. I'm not sure that there's an easy way to do that...

  • I tested you can easily rotate a layer or the entire layout, but what you want is a mirroring, so a negative scale on the Y axis.

    And as far as I tested, negative layerscale doesn't work as expected (it makes your layer disappear) and you can't select a specific axis for this anyway.

  • I've tried flipping the backround, and it works ok. While you use just black blocks as the background it should be also fast.


  • nice (:

    All these event were bothering me I simplified your neat capx Noga


  • Oh, guys! Thank you very much! You saved my life:)

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