Flickering On Scroll With Platform Behavior

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  • Hello guys!

    I'm working on a new game and discovered the following situation:

    The project basically has a tiled background that slides when the player (who uses the platform behavior) reaches the middle of the screen.

    When the platform behavior is active, we can observe a flickering effect on the scenario. However, when the platform is disabled the scenario slides smoothly.

    The problem is that it takes a lot for the scenario to glide smoothly, but the platform behavior is active.

    Here's the capx example of the problem:


    Can anyone give an idea how to solve this? Thanks!

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  • I believe this is happening because you are "dragging" your platform object over the solid ground. You need to use "Simulate control" action, or not use Platform at all and do everything with Bullet or some other behavior.

    Take a look at the Auto-runner template in C2.

  • Hey dop2000, thanks for the reply.

    The platform behavior has special native functions (jump, fall, etc.) that the hero will need in the game.

    In the example I left, we can clearly see that the flickering effect only occurs when platform behavior is active.

    If we could have another way of simulating the functions of this behavior, it would be an alternative.

  • By the way, I did an "AutoRunner" version and the effect does not occur.

    However, the original game project is make the scrolling like a "Metal Slug" style.

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