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  • Any suggestions or directions on how I can use an (external text file) to display words, one at a time on screen? For example, I have an external text file that says "Now is the time for all good men... yada yada".. And I want be able to display "Now" -- "is" --- "the" --- "time" --- "for " --- "all" --- "good".... (you get the idea I think)... It is actually a "reader" for a short story, so the text file may be somewhat lengthy...

  • If you make sure that there is always the same symbol separating words (space may be the obvious choice), then you can use tokenat and tokencount expressions.

    variable currentWord=0
    Keyboard on Enter pressed:
     Text set text to trim(tokenat(fileData, currentWord, " "))
     Add 1 to currentWord

    You can also use tokenat() with newline separator to break text into paragraphs, and then break paragraphs into words.

  • I will do a test to implement what you have suggested,,,, BUT what determines the "timing" of the words being presented. I see no reference to time? Will these flash too rapidly? If so how to slow them down? Possibly add a "delay"?

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  • I thought your question was more about how to get words from the file.

    In my example one word is shown at a time when Space key is pressed. You can change this to "Every X seconds" or some other event. Or you can display all words in a loop, here is an example with 0.5 delay between words:

    Repeat tokencount(fileData, " ") times
     Wait 0.5*loopindex
     Text set text to trim(tokenat(fileData, currentWord, " "))
     Add 1 to currentWord
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