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  • Excuse me for the bad translation but I do not speak in English.

    I have two deficiencies.

    1. - When I release the mouse button for the flamethrower his sound gets jammed. How it would be possible to stop it

    when I let it,and when I press the mouse then let the sound of the flamethrower sound ?

    2. - When the fire is blown out the fire does not come to a stop on the wood sound. How it would be possible to

    manage to solve that he should cease when the fire is blown out ?

    The cap is a file here.

    Please help me if you can !


  • Hello. Check this .capx.

    1 - I've added a "Trigger Once" condition when the mouse is down to avoid the flamethrower sound from repeating itself.

    2 - To stop the fire sound, I have changed the events, instead of using "is visible", I used a condition to check the number of fire instances. You also forgot to add a tag to the fire sound, so I've added one.

    3 - I have also added 2 events that create a fade out volume effect, you can delete them if you don't like it.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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  • Thank you Xavier your help. You solved it very skillfully.The Flamethrower and wood fire sound perfect.

    " Wee happy ? Vinceeent !!!! Wee happy ? Yeah, wee happy . "

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