Fixing Issues with 2 Game Builds

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  • OK, I'm hoping to get the solutions to these problems for 2 different game builds.

    This first .capx is a game build similar to 'Cut The Rope'. I'm trying to create the event of having the 'candy' being held by a rope on 2 holders. Here's a video of the real 'Cut The Rope' game showing what it looks like

    Once I can get this working then I can star creating level designs for my game build. If anyone know how to get this working then please share the solution.


    This second .capx is a game build similar to 'Super Meat Boy'. I've been able to create a dash technique that sends the 'meat boy' in the direction I want based on which button is pressed AND whether that character is on the ground/in the air. However when the dash is performed in the air, the 'meat boy' continues to have the same accelaration even when he has dashed in the opposite direction. I'm looking to have the 'meat boy' stop and then fall after the air dash that moves him diagonally; totally not sure what to change in the events and don't want to mess anything up without having a clue first.

    Once again, Construct 2 is the best game development program I've used and can't imagine anyone who 'loves' coding as much as myself using anything else.

  • Got a few ideas for cut the rope, but I'd have to try them first.

    Not sure how your doing the dash, 1 option I used was have a bullet behaviour, and then compare distance travelled, just disable bullet.

    Trouble is setting the angle of the bullet, and having the sprite upside down on left...

  • Got a few ideas for cut the rope, but I'd have to try them first.

    Not sure how your doing the dash, 1 option I used was have a bullet behaviour, and then compare distance travelled, just disable bullet.

    Trouble is setting the angle of the bullet, and having the sprite upside down on left...

    Yes, I'm using the bullet behavior for the dash effect. It works just how I want it luckily. The thing is, when I perform the dash move in the air... the sprite object continues to have the same X axis acceleration. If I move RIGHT -> jump in the air RIGHT -> perform dash that is UP/LEFT... once the dash effect is finished the sprite object continues back to the right. That is the problem I'm looking to solve for the second .capx.

  • I would still like some help with these 2 builds. If anyone has any idea on how to solve these issues, it would be appreciated.

  • Asking again for help with these 2 builds.

    For the 2nd build, I'm thinking of somehow getting the player object to just start falling after the air dash. I believe that I can still control whether I'm moving left or right while falling like in any normal platformer. Somebody let me know how to accomplish this if you can.

  • ... .capx?dl=0

    Are you commercialising tutorials ?

  • Well, I'm looking over some tutorials that I've put together from videos along with using other .capx files. Then I'm deciding if the game build is the direction I want to go in and figuring things out from there.

    I checked the .capx you provided and it does work. But if I move any of the squares then things easily go out of wack. Is there a way to accomplish that same binding but using the events from my .capx? I couldn't even begin to follow (or try and change things) with what is going on in yours. Thanks for it, though.

  • No. I can not do that.

    Since you did not answer the question with a unconditional 'no', i have to consider a possible 'yes'.

    I can not risk a 'yes'.

    I have no problem with public available tutorials that copy an existing game. They do not make money, and my country has special rules in place for copyrights infringements when it is about education. Those tutorials do not hurt the original game makers.

    Monetising clones of existing games (or and also tutorials) is in my eyes robbery.

    Then there is another thin line, that i do not know yet how to walk on. There are developers in this forum who work your capx for payment. It is their job, and their life. I am sure they hate me already, although i try to be careful. I help when it is a challenge for me, and when solving it means i learned something. I do it all purely for myself.

    But (again), if the answer to the question is a a possible 'yes', then i am helping no one. I only do damage.



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  • OK, I think I know what you're talking about. You don't want to assist with changing/adding to someone else's .capx that was shared as a tutorial. But that isn't what this is here.

    I actually created my own build and .capx by following a tutorial on YouTube of which I don't speak or read Spanish but I was able to follow the actions and events. It's found at this link here

    Essentially all that I'm working with is what I was able to create from that tutorial. Adding platforms works well, but I have no idea how to attach the rope to another holder so that I have a multi-rope puzzle like those found in Cut the Rope. I attempted to attach the 1 rope to another holder but it didn't work properly at all.

    Again, if anyone can help with this issue then I would be able to continue with this game build.

  • I'm still looking for solutions to these 2 game builds. A 'Cut The Rope' style game build in which I want to be able to attach multiple ropes to one piece of candy. I'm not sure how to do this; maybe I have to create 2 separate working ropes. Here's a video of the actual Cut The Rope game A 'Super Meat Boy' style game build in which I want the momentum of my character to continue in the same direction he air dashed in. When you jump left and air dash to the right, he will continue falling to the left instead of the right which is crazy.

    If anyone can help with solutions to these problems it would very much be appreciated.

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