Fixing Breakout Clone Issues

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  • I'm working on a Breakout clone in order to try several actions and make a complete game build from start to finish. These are the thing's I'm having issues with that I'd like to resolve:

    • Making sure that the ball bounces off of the blocks properly after the blocks are destroyed (sometimes the ball just skims the block and destroys it, but doesn't bounce off of it)
    • Making sure that the ball bounces properly off the paddle (sometimes it falls through [I'm aware of how I've made the collision polygon]; sometimes there isn't enough bounce and the ball makes a very horizontal path that would go on for too long [could I create a SPEED UP function?])
    • Having a group of blocks move together in any horizontal/vertical direction to create difficulty (not sure how to do this with immovable objects)

    Here's the .capx file to view

    I'm using the free version so I've yet to use the Families function and such.

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  • I originally forgot the .capx link before. Not really liking how my post is now 3 pages away either, so...

  • Bumping my thread for attention. Also another issue:

    • Making sure the ball doesn't end up going horizontal once it reaches the top bounding box of the layout (I'm wondering if creating the boundaries with a row of sprites that are shaped like the blocks would help relieve this problem all together since it wouldn't be a flat surface any longer)

    Here's my latest update. I was able to get the blocks moving together how I'd like. But now I can't figure out why my 'Ball' object slows down after hitting many of the blocks. I also want to know how to fix the 'Wall Bounce' issue where the 'Ball' object sometimes moves too horizontally and causes problems with the game. Creating a 'WallBlock' object using the same style blocks creating nothing by diagonal movement (way worse than what I currently have working). Everything's found within the .capx

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