Fixing Ball Physics Collision and Scoring

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    In this game build I'm looking to improve the ball physics. Too often the balls will either fall through the borders OR get stuck on the borders and not move properly. Once I know how to improve the collision between those objects then I hope I can use it in other game builds I'm working on.

    The other issue is the Points Total system. The point system works as follows:

    1 - Players use the A/D keys to rotate the objects with the balls moving around

    2 - Rotate the objects to move the balls into the Action Spots

    3 - Once a ball collides with an Action Spot, it will be Pinned and the value of the Action Spot will be added to the Points Total

    For some reasons I'm not sure how to add to the score more than once AND have it only happen once for each Action Spot. When I run the game build, the 1st time a Ball reaches the Action Spot, the point value is added (1 dot = 1 point). But when a 2nd Ball reaches another Action Spot the point value gets added repeated until the score is unreadable.

    Anyone with ideas on how to fix these problems (really not sure what's wrong with the Point Total system) please share if you can. Thanks.

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  • After looking at 1 user make 3 posts about performing simple events, I'm bumping my thread to hopefully get an answer. Is there actually a reason why there's a beginner's section for the 'How Do I' if lots of posts that would be in there are not?

  • Just bumping my post trying to get a response to this problem.

  • Bumping this post again to see if I get any response. Does adding more 'barrier' objects with physics help to cover the so called corners of 2 overlapping physics objects?

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