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  • Hey everyone,

    I'm newer to the Construct realm and started working on my first game. So far everything is working out just nice but I think there maybe an issue with the text box displaying things from the start of layout.

    I setup a very simple example to test and it also did not work there. I must be missing something.

    created a global var of Coins=0

    setup the player and coin sprite

    setup the collision of player to coin add value 1 to Coins

    added a text box and every tick set text to Coins & " Coins"

    From the guides that is pretty much it but on the start of the layout no text shows in the box. When I grab a coin the text then shows and stays showing until the layout is reloaded.

    I tried to mess with is visible stuff but can't seem to figure it out.

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  • dropbox.com


    had to break up the link...low rep =(

  • I really must learn to read - I'll be back. After a proper look

    Ok after leaping in with both feet and not reading your post correctly <img src="smileys/smiley9.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> - I thought you were trying to set the text to ( & " Coins" ) ie included quotes around your variable name - sorry about that.


    I can see nothing wrong with your capx - the text box appear straight away with "0 Coins" displayed.

  • I downloaded your CAPX and everything went well. What is your question?

  • For me the text box does not show at the start until I get the first coin. I am not at my pc with construct on it but maybe a browser/version issue?

    I'm using the latest construct 2, and using chrome (not sure version)

    Thanks for responding and taking a look =)

  • I found the issue! I was on a very old version of Chrome. I just updated it and it now shows correctly for me...very strange.

    Thanks again for reviewing my post guys.

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