[FIXED]How do I Mutiple AI

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  • Good afternoon everybody

    I'm trying to make a game similar to towerfall but with only three enemy AI that will fight against the player and each other and I really need help I really don't know how to program the AI.

    Here is a link to the Capx. just in case, I used the platformer template and tweaked it a bit.


    I cant post the URL for the Capx. but if somebody is willing to help I can send it via E-mail.

  • I only need help with the AI

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  • Bump

  • I can help you

    Let me know more details :/

  • It says I cant attach the URL of my .capx because of my reputation points can I send it to you via PM?

  • Basically the AI is going to walk around all the stage freely with platform mechanics similar to the player possibly stopping in x time but then keep walking, and when they spot the player or the other Ai's start shooting at them but keep walking.

    Thanks Iolva.

  • hints :

      [1] try using view range / or/ range port behavior/ you can also use turret behavior but that's a bit confusing [2] you can always make it in events, by comparing distance between enemy.x, enemy.y and other actors, when distance is less then 250 pixels the enemy starts following and starts shooting(and animates optional). if out of range, he walks back or stops movement, or idles, etc! its very easy to make in c2, im guessing if u have a small idea what u want to do, and how to use the behaviors above, u can make your AI in about 10 minutes
  • Thanks will try, sorry for the late reply.

    Last question, How do i make the enemy AI move and jump randomly when their out of range(when their not chancing the other actors)

  • I don't have any idea for this, but i have a tip for you. If you wish post urls, post at this model: antiblocklink|http://www.site.com

    You can use other word instead.

  • Yes, send me PM

  • Thanks Daniell

    Heres the .CAPX Iolva.

    The CAPX|https://www.dropbox.com/s/qgrcwwnipe769lf/example.capx?dl=0

  • him have 238 reputation, not 500 to send PM.

  • JLee np

  • This is what ive been able to achieve following tutorials and examples:


    I did manage to make them move at random, but there's still some problems...I cant have more then 1 enemy because they all go the same direction and eventually end up merging together and I don't know how to make the enemy turn around when it hits the wall.

  • You can use the URL parameter "dl=1" for your file be downloaded automatically by other users. I'll download it and do the random position of enemyes.

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