*Fixed*Endless Falling Game Background Help Needed

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  • Hi everyone,

    Im trying to find out why my tiled backround keeps snapping back instead of scrolling endlessly.

    My layout size and screen size are 320x480 similar to the jump example provided by scirra.

    I've tried to manipulate the code inside the endless jump but what im getting isnt a seamless transition.

    I have bullet speed ok

    Condition:::My code is similar to this, tiledbackground Y less or equal to -self.height / 2

    Action:::: set tiledbackground Y to self.Y + self.height / 2

    Im not to familiar with this since I always thought the "WRAP" behavior took care of this.

    I was wondering if I could get a hand.Thanks guys.

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  • Figured it out!!!

    This post will help out anyone in need of this information.

    On start of layout - tiledbackground -set bullet angle to 270 degrees

    Compare Tiled background Y less or equal self.height / 2 --- tiledbackground set Y self.Y + self.height / 2

    Thanks anyway guys! Happy Easter and Happy Coding!

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