[FIXED] Set the angle to the mouse?

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  • So I'm new to Construct 2. I followed the ""Beginner's Guide to Construct 2. It was going smoothly until I hit page 4. The goal was to have the angle of the main object point towards the mouse. Now simply, the tutorial said just to set X as "Mouse.X" and Y as "Mouse.Y". Made sense, until I tried it myself. When I filled those in and hit enter, it did nothing but highlight the "Mouse" part in the box. I don't know if it was me or a bug on Construct 2. Either way, I was irritated because I really loved this program, but this one little thing was in my way.

    This whole situation happened yesterday, and since then I've just been using Construct Classic. I'm loving it and I like how you can create/edit an object in the program (they should bring that back to Construct 2). Anyways, I knew in the end I somehow have to switch back to Construct 2 since it provides more features and such. So can any of you help me with this small problem. Is it a bug or just me?

    Here's an example of what happened:

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/rBzXa.jpg" border="0">

    When I press done, it just highlights "mouse" and won't let me through.

    Sorry if this post was long.

  • Do you have a mouse object inserted? as mentioned on page 2 of the tutorial.

    " Add the input objects

    Turn your attention back to the layout. Double click to insert another new object. This time, select the Mouse object, since we'll need mouse input. Do the same again for the Keyboard object."

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  • There's a typo in the Y field. You wrote "Mosue" instead of "Mouse".

    Oddly enough, it should have selected "Mosue" and displayed a yellow tooltip indicating that "Mosue" isn't an Object name.

    Are you using R58 (the very last version released during tonight) ?

    If not, it is recommanded that you update to the last version.

    Edit: What onZephyr said is right too. Looks like you don't see the yellow tooltip telling you that Mouse isn't an object name too.

  • onzephyr I followed the whole thing as it says. Yes I did.

    Kyatric Yeah that is a typo. But I assure you I did it many times, even without that typo it didn't work. The reason there was a typo is because I needed a example of what happened so I redone the thing again real fast. Yesterday, I had R57. I updated it, hoping that R58 would fix it, but it still done the same thing.

  • I fixed it. I uninstalled and reinstalled. I think my 'mouse object' was screwed up or something. Thanks for the two who helped.

  • When there's an error you should see a balloon tip pop up pointing at the selected text telling you what the error is.

    What version of Windows (and service pack) are you on? From the screenshot it looks pretty old. Maybe it doesn't support balloon tips, or you have them disabled?

  • Oh I think you're right. It did say balloon tips were disabled when I started this. I actually have vista but I don't know which Service Pack I'm on. I'm either guessing 1 or 2. The reason my display is old is because my computer is crappy, and having old visuals can maybe make it run faster. So either I have it disabled or my SP pack doesn't support it? Yeah, I'll have a look.

    Edit: Found out I have service pack 2. I don't think it makes a difference though.

  • Yeah Ashley, you were right. It was disabled. I had to use Registry Editor to enable it again haha. Thanks for the help.

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