[Fixed] How do I fix Canvas plus issues?

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  • Hey guys, it is me again o/

    Today I manage to export my C2 game to xcode and then open it with no problems on my apple devices

    However, every time I fix a problem a new one appears. So let's go:

    I exported my game using Cordova, and uploaded it at ludei website and, finally, compiled it using Canvas plus. But is so happens that this Canvas Plus option does work with the button and textbox plugins that C2 offers.

    So I changed the compilation option from Canvas Plus to Webview Plus... and then I got compilation problems D:

    Does anyway have any idea how to fix this? Either make the Webview plus compatible with Cordova or iOS.

    Or maybe make the buttons and textboxes work with the Canvas Option??

    Thank you all for you attention.

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  • Canvas+ hasn't been supported for about two years. Use WebView instead. If you have trouble you should contact Cocoon for support, or try a different build service like Phonegap Build.

  • Phonegap worked perfectly. Thanks Ashley

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