[FIXED] How do I build a dynamic pie chart?

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  • How do I display angle growth or build a dynamic pie chart?

    Currently I have a working unit circle see my currently working demo:


    My next step is to attempt to measure the distance between the A & C angel by:

    • Fill up the pie dynamically
    • By building the pie chart, that can be manipulated real time
    • I am thinking Parabola (?) or Bezier Curve (?)

    Thank you in advanced

  • I would suggest using R0j0hounds canvas. Although if you check the Plugins and Behaviours section you might be able to find a PieChart plugin.

  • ...i can't find a PieChart Plugin...?!

  • Thank you jayderyu I will look into this today and report my findings.

  • I'm also interested in this, but maybe for a different reason? I'd like to display the angle symbol (you know, that little line-arc) between two line segments of an angle and have the player move the angle, then have the arced line grow and shrink dynamically... kinda like how a pie chart would move.

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  • [FIXED]

    Both A Construct2 user jayderyu and a reddit user suggested this canvas plugin (go upvote him!)

    And it worked perfectly!

    I had to read through some of the posts but there are 20+ posts so there was a lot of feedback that I found helpful.

    Hope this helps someone else!

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