How do I Fix this Win8 app Error?

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  • I exported my project and went through all of the steps to get it submitted to Win8 store. SUCCESS.

    But, now I'm working on a few additional things for it (i.e. switching from Local Storage to Roaming Storage).

    I also switched out the Windows 8 Plug-in to the Metro Plug In.

    That seemed to have more capabilities (i.e. option for Preferences in Settings Charm to reset Roaming Data).

    Since I swapped out the Win8 Plug-in to Metro and do all of my steps to export and then when I try to run the program, every time I try and access anything under settings (i.e. About, Privacy, etc.), it doesn't show and I rec' the following error:

    SettingsFlyout.width may be altered or unavailable in future versions. Instead, style the CSS width property on elements with the .win-settingsflyout class.

    I'm not sure if it is because of the plug-in or maybe something else that I may have done. Before I go through all of the steps to swap out Metro back to the Win 8 plug-in to see if that is the root cause, I thought I would see if you guys have any ideas.


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  • I guess I should say nevermind. I went through the trouble to gut out the Metro Plug In and put back in the Windows 8 Plug in. It works again. I'll just create a manual way to clear the roaming data...

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