How do I fix this weird animation glitch

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  • I've mostly got the animations down just fine, sans for tweaking the animation speeds and movement speed a bit but there's been a few things that I haven't been able to fix at all.

    Right now I have two attacks. One while on the ground, one while in the air.

    If the player attacks on the ground, they are unable to move for the duration of the attack.

    Glitch 1: There seems to be an odd delay before the player can attack again, but there's no delay for movement??? There should be no delay before the player can attack again.

    If the player attacks while in the air, they (should) continue on their current direction (if moving) or simply continue the jump/fall (if direction wasn't pressed)

    Glitch2: I can't figure out how to disable changing directions in the air while attacking.

    Glitch 3: Once the player hits the ground, the Ground attack controller takes over an adds the removal of controls to the player, resulting in a really weird pause.

    Currently, arrow keys move and X is attack.

    I've been slamming my face against the keyboard on this for the past couple of hours. The .capx in the included link is the /best/ working state I've been able to manage so far. All my other attempts have broken things pretty hard. I'm starting to think I've either A: set things up wrong or B: Missing something completely obvious.

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  • Suprised you dont like the 'pauze' caused by the 'wait'. Never use wait (until you have read the manual 105 times). (I almost read it once)

    Here is a capx (yours). ... .capx?dl=0

  • Here's more information on the Wait issue. ... t-in-loops

  • Ah, okay that makes a bit more sense now. I was carrying the "wait" functionality over from previous experiences, had no idea that it operated completely different within Construct! Guess that's what I get for assuming things with the same name would operate the same.

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