How do I fix a web export error?

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  • I know this might be a very silly question and might be on the wrong place... I've got a problem while uploading my C2 game on my website.

    For some reason, I'm getting the export file right for desktop, although, when I put it online, looks like the sprites change position. I first thought it could be a problema with my scale, or how I used it on C2, but a friend of mine uploaded THE SAME FILE on his website and didn't have any problem.

    I was unable to attach the pic to this post, but the results are on the following link (check the poster on the wall and the door).

    Images here

    I created a folder (ilana) and uploaded everything inside.

    As I said: it's exactly the same file, the same game that was uploaded...

    Anyone now how to fix this?

    [I thought of posting it on the bug section but not sure it it's a bug or a problem with my webhost, although I've uploaded some other projects in the past without a problem...]

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