How do I fix my "Vision" system, with video.

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  • Hello all, I have a rather difficult issue to solve, or at least it is for me. Here is a video explaining the issue:

    If you nee more info or have some suggestions, I would really appreciate all the help.

  • Please provide a single file (.capx) of your project so we can check it out. Make sure it focuses on your issue and is not using third-part addons.

    Provide exact reproduction steps, what you expect your code to be doing, what you experience it happening and it will be easier for us to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and answer to your issue.

    Your video is too long, not enough to the point, more than a minute in I still don't know what exactly your issue is and what is the difference between what you experience and what you are actually exactly trying to do.

    On a forum write down those things, not a video and a screenshot, those cannot be investigated to provide you help.

    On your screenshot though, I see some issues. Do use sub-events.

    Have a top event "For each Visionblocker" and have the different events about having line of sight or not having it as sub-events of it. As well as your last few events.

    Same for "On start of layout", this will probably already straighten out things and possibly could fix your issue without requiring further help.

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  • I literally just fixed the issue, although it wasn't completely fixed by following your advice about "For Each", but it got me down the right road. It now works perfectly and I really appreciate your help, thank you so much!

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