How do I fix the timer?

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  • Hello, I checked all possibilies I know and it doesn't work I've found help in the "frequently added question" but it doesn't work.

    I made a game where enemies appears after 5, 10, 15s

    Then I realized the timer couldn't be modify so I rebuilt the game with a fake timer (a variable)

    I have:

    System: Every 1s => Add 1 to "Variable Timer"

    System: "Variable Timer" = 5 => Creat my object

    System: "Variable Timer" = 10 => Creat my object

    System: "Variable Timer" = 15 => Creat my object

    When I do that, it works, but I have like 9999 objects being created and the game get massive lag, why?

    I imagine the timer getting 0, 1, 2, 3 ... and it does works, but why so many objects ? Is it because there is many "ticks" during a second?

    I have the possibily to change the variable to "= > <, etc" , my logic suggest I must use "=" to make only one object... Maybe add another condition

    How do I fix that please? (I'm sure this is a stupid command but I can't figure it out )

    EDIT: I'm stupid! I'm looking for special conditions and I see

    "trigger once while true", Just add this condition and the problem is solved!

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  • Hi foxmaster "Trigger once while true" should do it

  • Hi foxmaster "Trigger once while true" should do it

    Thank you dude I ve just seen the option immediatly when I posted.., ridiculous , ridiculous!!! *cover his face with something*

  • You can use the Timer behaviour also.

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