How do I fix this!!. please help

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  • I was able to reverse the main character to fall than jumping, but i have a new problem now. The game is creating way too many platform objects along the character path, and i'm new at construct 2 and i can't fix it.. I uploaded the images for the game and the event sheet so you can get a better idea of what i'm facing. Please help

    I might also need the character to die once it hits any of the object.


    please find the attached screen shots

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  • You can do this:

    If Player X = Nextplatform

    -> Create Object platform on layer game at random

    -> Create Object platform on layer game at random

    -> Set Nextplatform to player.x + random(200, 400)

    This will create 2 platforms at random places and use player position to calculate when to do it.

    I am bit tired, so not sure if this will work for you exactly, but it should be it.

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