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  • Hello everyone and all of you Construct Wizards out there!

    So I have attached a .capx that you can download. And in the example, When the player jumps onto the Red platform, the numbers appear..The problem is that I do not want all the numbers to appear all at once...

    I only want the number "1" to appear when I jump onto the first platform, and the number "2" appears when I jump onto the second platform..and so on...And I want it to keep going forever because my game is going to be an infinite runner

    I am aware that I can just make a ton of separate platforms, or separate text boxes..but is there a way to go about doing this without making so many text boxes or sprites? So It can keep going forever, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7..and so on


    Thank You All

    And Happy Creating

  • Add the following condition under the on-collision trigger event:

    Text : Pick nearest to PlatformB.X , PlatformB.Y

  • here the solution

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  • Create an instance variable for your character. On collision with platform - player.instance variable + 1. One text box that displays current variable. I think that would have the effect you want.

  • Thanks everyone all suggestions seems like it can work, I did not find help on the forums so this will be helpful to others who need it!

  • here the solution

    Thanks so much! you're the man!

    So I have a question. In the example you made the text floats up and fades out. It looks so amazing!

    But how can I just have it so when I jump onto the platform, the number appears on the platform itself? like a static number that lights up haha, that would be awesome, if not thanks again

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    DUDE! you're a construct Wizard! Thanks man..

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