How do I fix this?

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  • Anyone have any clue why this is happening when one of my friends tried it with his phone (He is the only person that has tried it so far I think)? I do believe it's an supported device. He is using the correct orientation as well (Upright) So if anyone knows, care to tell me?

    PS, bad example, basically what it is it's only taking up like 1/10th of the screen, or something around that I think.

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  • did you used letterbox scale?

  • Hello DoomFront

    You need to specify a screen size like, for example, 800, 500. (this is just an example)

    You would do that under Properties (and the look down a few lines until you see) Window Size.

    There, you specify what you want.

    A better way is to start with a template which you can find in the File > New > pop up window

    Select a Template or example.

    Then you will see a dotted area which is your screen size.

    What ever you put in there, will appear on the screen right where you want it to be.

    Check the Layout Size also (select layout in the Projects window) and make sure that it is set to the same size.

    Btw. GREAT graphic!

    Good luck with your project,


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