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    So, As you can see above, my game text floats off to the right of my game, I don't know why this happens or how but I examined the canvas (the part floating to the right) with Firebug and Google Chrome Tools > Developer Tools and they both say some code is making it be positioned absolutely 351px from the top and 480.6666564941406px from the left side.

    Please help me.

    P.S. The game is at

  • Also, I know this is off-topic, but if you were wondering about my computer theme (Win7 with Mac theme) you can read this blog post on my website: <font color=blue></font>

  • Looks fine to me. On Firefox.

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  • Yes I am on Firefox also but yes I can see what you mean not aligned

    I would Check your Layer parallax settings.

    The layer that has the Text on may of accidentally or intentionally set it to appear that way.. You would have layer parallax visible in editor turned off and so it appears normal but when you run the game it appears at it true parallax position...

    its easy to do because the layer parallax settings are located right under the layer dimensions can easily set this of slightly and not notice..especially if "Parallax visible in Editor" is turned off

    its a good habit to always turn this on so you can position objects on layers properly

    Hope it helps

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