How do I fix the stretch canvas problem using crop

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  • I want the canvas changes when the window changes. So in properties i set:

    Fullscreen: Crop.

    When the app runs(I'm using NW.js) i can change the window size and the canvas is sized to the zone i want correctly.(Press Q to fill the canvas in white and see how changes).

    But when is time to export the draw the objects are stretched horizontal/vertical due the window changes.

    i tried with set size and with "resize canvas" but with this last one disappears and none is exported. So, maybe is a bug on Canvas or i'm doing some wrong?

    Here is the .capx ... am_p5.capx

    Also there are two errors explained in the code and marked like the size change on srites and the sprite name on textbox that i can't figure how to fix.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Well i solved the other bugs regarding my program about change size and textboxes.

    Still not find the solution for the canvas. Maybe use a fixed canvas and only show some part when the windows is resized to fake it? :S

    If not at the moment i will change to my resolution 1920x1080 until i get some idea that how fix it.

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  • So with the minor bug fixes i'm stucked in the canvas thing.

    So at the moment i put a fixe canvas of 1856x928 tha is the maximun and when the user resizes the window show more o less of the canvas. Yes, is not perfect and when you export an image even if is a small one you will get a a big one of 1856x928 with your draw but i can't fix it in other way ... am_p7.capx

    Also other of the problems are the buttons and other stuff that changes their possition and his size when the windows changes, i guess maybe with canvasTolayer like the "export" button i did it but still is buggy :S .

    Edit: Use the Anchor behaviour is more simple than the CanvasToLayer but if there is another way to get it better fixed i want to know.

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