How do I fix this strange landing glitch? (Platform+)

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  • I'm making a side scrolling shooter and having quite a bit of fun with it, however after refining the jumping animation and mechanic, I'm experiencing a sporadic glitch using the Platform+ behavior plugin.

    When the player lands - SOMETIMES - the sprite will quickly toggle between the "landing" and "standing" animations.

    The strange thing is, this doesn't happen all the time - only on certain surfaces. In some stages, only the "bottom floor" does this. In others, only specific crates.

    Give the .capx file a spin and see for yourself. Note: You'll need the Platform+ behavior installed. ... 28-14.capx

    Thanks in advance!

  • I know the download isn't small, but you'll get to play a cool game if you give it a shot

  • Some people, me included, don't really want to install non-standard plugins, especially this one as it doesn't look as though it's regularly maintained, which may explain your problem.

    There have been quite a few breaking changes since that plugin was first created, any of which could have had an adverse effect.

    Is there no possibility of you just using the standard platform plugin?

  • I could use the standard Platform behavior, however the velocity-sensitive jumping and built-in double-jump in Platform+ are super appealing to me.

  • I really liked your animations, bravo

    I don't think there is anything wrong with the Platform+ behavior. The problem is that you use the Sprite that holds all the animations as a Platform/collision object. Never do that!

    Use a simple box that has roughly the size of your player (a rectangular shape) as the object that has the Platform behavior (and does all of the collision checking), and pin your sprite that has the animations into the first object. Don't forget to set the box to invisible.

    Also, you can surely notice that there is jagged movement in the jumping anyway. That is because the origin point and the collision polygons of each animation are misaligned. Try to set the origin point of each animation on the same, relative point. Most of the times it should be around the feet, where an imaginary vertical line below the center of the mass meets the floor.

    I hope I was clear enough

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  • Thank you! Yes, that was extremely clear

    Ya know, I ran into a similar problem with a top-down game I'm also making but somehow figured a side scroller would be free of this collision problem

    I have a few questions, though:

    • In regards to "jagged jumping", should the collision box change size for the jumping animations? The character pulls her knees in when she jumps, making her a bit smaller.
    • I had changed the origin points to match the changing animation, but sometimes the character will land "inside" a platform. This will be fixed with the collision box sprite?

    Also, sort of off topic, but do you know how to make the ducking function "override" running?

  • Hello

    • In regards to "jagged jumping"... You'll have to find the golden rule for your character. Basically, you want the part of the player that touches the ground (the feet) to be alined with the lowest part of the collision object. For example, you could use a different frame on the collision object that reflects the height difference from Idle pose to Jumping pose. Or you could use multiple collision objects for different body parts (to detect bullet hits) and dynamically position them using image points. I 'd suggest a simple solution though.
    • I had changed the origin points to match the changing animation, but sometimes the character will land "inside" a platform. This will be fixed with the collision box sprite?

    Yes! The simpler the collision box sprite, the more control you'll have over the player's interaction with the world around her!

    On this Topic the forth post has an example that handle animation states (and slope angles!) in a very neat way. Basically, you need to exclude curtain states by saying "if this key is pressed and Player Is NOT moving---> Play run animation"

    Keep it up!

  • Well, I fixed it!

    It's all about essentially creating a game where you control a nice, stable box...then pinning an animation to it to give the illusion you're actually controlling a character. As soon as I made this change (which wasn't easy since I was getting to it late in the development) ALL the little glitchy problems I was experiencing were resolved! This is the ONLY way to successfully make complicated platforming animation. Thank you all for your assistance!!

    Check out the finished game in action here:

    Play it here:

  • Where can I get the platform+ behaviour?

    Edit: I've played the game and it is pretty good, awesome art as well.

  • Check this thread:

    And, thank you! Glad you enjoyed the game! I hope you have similar success with Platform+. It saves you a ton of effort, trial and error. The stock platform behavior should honestly just be updated to contain the features of Plus.

  • rythom , your game is great! Congratulations! I especially loved the characters and the animations! Well done! Also, I loved the music, especially in the last level!!!

    I had some visual problems in Firefox, something like a black box floating in front of the backgrounds which messed the light shafts. I played in Chrome though and it was a breeze!

    Some constructive criticism if I may:

    1) I was a bit confused from the usage of the sprite that represented the terminals as a backdrop element.

    2) Sometimes the barrels and the crates are creating uneven planes by just a bit, forcing some (unnecessary) extra jumps.

    3) Some of the fall-thru platforms are not very distinct visual, making me second guess about places that are reachable or "fallable".

    4) The soundtrack seamed to change for no apparent reasons some times.

    5) The "blink" sound at the end of the level is too loud, especially if you are listening with headphones as I do

    Well, all of the above are minor complaints, I really liked the game!!! Again, congratulations!

  • Nice little game. Great art, and I noticed the Perfect Dark training music. Great choice!

  • .....

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