How do I fix this sprite decolorization

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  • hey guys, i have a sprite that looks just... ugly on water, and i'm wondering how to fix the coloring (if possible with effects!)

    anyway attaching image - i've marked with red the problematic thing.

  • I can't tell what you're marking. Can you clarify in text what the problem is that we should be looking for?

  • don't you see the RED CIRCLES?

    under health crate, mine and bouye ? that water has wierd color (darker) (it was set on each sprite so i can simulate "bumping on water" ) but it looks badly, i'd like to make it a little less visible / to better integrate it with the rest of the water..

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  • I see the red circles, but I don't see anything under the red circles.

    If you just mean the darker color (which is around all floating objects and not just circled areas) I see that.

    We need to know a few things to see what's going on.

    What do the sprites look like by themselves? Is this effect in the sprite? Or how are you creating the effect now?

  • that decolorization is part of a sprite. it's not an effect. it'a simple 20 frames sprite.

  • Maybe make the water sprite under the mine have more opacity? It desaturates the water because its saturation might not be the same with the water texture underneath it.

  • it's the same sprite. i'd do it with an effect but then whole sprite gets changed (mine included).

    guess i will have to edit each frame in photoshop :/

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