How do I fix this sound loading issue?

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  • Hey guys. I'm having an issue when my game loads a specific sound. It happens when the player picks up a shield repair orb (the blues ones). The entire game freezes for a split second the first time and then it resumes and plays properly for the remainder. The project is set to preload sounds and I've even used an event to preload the specific sound on layout start to no avail.

    You can find a playable version here:

    Any thoughts?

  • Hey Raster, how big is your game? I think I got stuck on the loading screen.

    If you don't want to share your project to be debugged (which I understand completely) then what you can do is try to replicate the problem in a new project. If it still doesn't work then you can share that instead. If it does you can go back over your code to see where the difference is.

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  • Uh oh. There isn't that much to load as everything is KB in size because I'm trying to mimic an SNES for the most part, so if you're hanging on the loading screen all I can think of is that the Music (which is 50mb) must be preloading instead of streaming like it's supposed to or maybe the condition I'm checking (loadingprogress=1) isn't true. Maybe something is stopping the fade from firing properly. Urgh. It seems to be working for my wife and I (on the same network) and my friend who is in another state, though. I wonder why it isn't working for you.

    Here's the event sheet for the loading screen:

    EDIT: As far as the sound freeze glitch, it appears I was using an advanced sound action to calculate the position of the sound. I've changed it to a standard play action and it seems to have cleared up. In regard to the loading issue I've removed all of the music and reimplemented it in case it was due to the way the music was imported. It's now been reuploaded. Please let me know if it lets you access it.

  • Sorry for the late reply Raster. It is working for me now, loaded up quick no issues.

    Had a quick play, there was a tiny pause when I first picked up a blue orb (likely because I was loading the sound for the first time) but after that everything was smooth.

    What you can do is play the sound ahead of time so that it doesn't freeze when you first load it during gameplay.

    Looking great mate keep up the good work.

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