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  • I am having an issue with my back ground music. Right now I have two songs.

    I am trying to get the songs to activate when the Idle Sprite overlays this Huge sprite that covers the level...

    Issue 1:

    when the level starts the background music doesnt play.

    Issue 2:

    when idle is outside of layout the "level music" group is suppose to deactivate and then reactivate once

    the layout starts....well the issue is when i fall outside of layout the music plays, cool great but when i fall again the move plays twice, like overlapping itself and then i fall out again, it tripple overlaps itself..

    issue 3:

    when i hit Enter to pause the game, the sound is suppose to pause as well but it doesnt. ... .capx?dl=0

    focus-event sheet 1 code



  • You seem to be turning sound on and off by enabling/disabling the LevelMusic group. This does not actually start and stop the sound, it just stops events related to it. In this case, the LevelMusic group does not get enabled until the level has already started, which prevents event 385 from triggering. When the level restarts, 385 triggers again, because LevelMusic is already enabled, but you never did anything to stop the music, so when 385 triggers again it just plays over top of the already playing music.

    You need to actually Audio.pause or Audio.stop your music when falling off the screen or pausing. Remember that this is done by tag, not by name, so you need to tag the music when it starts.

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  • thanks for the response, ill read that a few times over.

  • I got it to work, thanks for the help.

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