How do I fix this (Solved)

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  • Enjoy !

    Yes I will! And I want to thank 99Instances2Go too. He helped me a lot to understand the meaning of those collision points. After all "makesure" is the best insurance here when dealing with computer physics. He said from the start that it works in his machines.

    I made yesterday a dropbox version of the latest thing and as I today tried it. It worked. And as I am writing this it still runs on the background on my wife´s computer.

    So thank you alot amigos for all your effort and help.

    edit: yeah. It works.

    edit2: I only wish I could thumb up your comments.

    edit 3: It worked 24 hours and then I stopped it. However as I tested another version which should have run and it ran in 99Instances2Go´s machine did not run more than 10 minutes in that different machine of ours (windows 8.1) so conclusion is that there must be some problems that were not affected by my older computer. Still a weird situation. Now testing that yesterday version if it really runs. (yeah. This is getting crazy I know....)

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  • Well. I guess it had to do with this:

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