How do I fix this 'slidey' cursor and UI?

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  • I've got a basic demo for an RPG/shooter game I'm working on. Everything seems to be going smoothly.Except as you can see when you keep the mouse still and move using WASD, the cursor 'slides' around a little bit. It also does this with any HUD elements I try to add, which is a lot more noticeable and hugely annoying. How can I make it more still, so things which should be stationary don't trail around?

    https:// dl.dropboxusercontent .com/u/16413001/Hoboquest%20.006/index.html

    (remove the space between https:// and dl, usercontent and .com)

  • Hard to say unless you can share the .capx.

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  • Like Xavier says - capx...

    but is everything on the same layer?

    I also notice there are times when the arm or whatever he is swinging around or whatever it is, is in front and other times it is behind...

  • Nevermind, I fixed it. I set the UI parallax to 0 and changed the cursor to a sprite instead of setting a sprite to the location of a cursor.

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