How do I fix this saving game issue?

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  • I'm trying to set it up so that the player can now Save and Load the game, just like every other game out there. The problem is that when I test it the game just freezes. It doesn't crash, it doesn't start to not respond; it just freezes. The actual Construct 2 engine is fine, it's my game that crashes.

    Here's the part of my event sheet that handles saving and loading, although I haven't even had the chance to test loading because it freezes.

    Any help and/or suggestions would be amazing, thanks!

  • Question one have you tried the above example in a empty template to see if your code is working and do it piece by piece.

    Question two. If you are using a debugger did you pull the debug menu away from the game screen. This has known to be double the resource drawn on one cpu core and not allowing multiple core to work.

    Question three. Have you look at tutorial on saving and loading and recreating them step by step on a blank template.

    If you said yes to all then You must have something going on in your other event that are pre firing infinitely because of some previous condition wasnt exactly ready but at the same time where your progress is at it maybe refiring them all at the same time.

    this is all i can do to help you without us taking a look at your project events. its like trying to fix a car through a phone. do you know how hard that is ?

  • 1. I have tried it in an empty template, and it works fine. It's just this template.

    2. I'm not using the debug mode, I haven't tried an exported version yet though.

    3. I have looked at tutorials and followed them, that's when it broke and I tried it on an empty template.

    I've upload a .capx if it helps, I just prefer to do that as a last resort because I've heard of people stealing people's work.

    Also, correct me if I'm wrong. But do these save/load functions work in the way that you can save the game, close it down and then load your game again?

    .capx: (the forums won't let me post the original link without shortening it and making it inaccessible)

    (It's not DropBox, but it's pretty simple. Just click the downward pointing arrow with the line beneath in the top right corner)

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  • I've investigated it and the crash happens when a 'Canvas' is in the level in that location, it has problems saving it. As to why this happens, I don't know, I would speak to the creator of the plugin about it or file a bug report.

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  • Oh boy you got a giant bug in your saving I do not know what to do like you said the saving is seriously freezing everything. I even did a test on the debugger save/load system man It froze that too.

    I wonder if it a node webkit bug. Ill let you know when i switch browers.

    Holy fuck it was the canvas I just delete it and the save/load works perfect Btw what was you using the canvas for anyway ? are you able to not use it ?

  • I was actually using the Canvas for a dynamic shadow effect, but I've decided to scrap it so if it fixes my save problem; then that's perfect! Thanks everyone!

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