How do I Fix this restarting issue I'm having.

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  • So I have this string of events that has started giving me issues today.


    Player > On Collision with DEATH(object) > Audio | Play "ded"

    > System | Wait 1 Second

    > System | Restart Layout

    I opened my project today and changed some player animations and it seemed to mess things up. So I put back those animations and it hasn't stopped doing this.

    It changed my layout transitions (somehow) and now every time I switch layouts with the player it adds another player. And when he dies, he doesn't re spawn. The layout restarts (music, level etc) but the player object doesn't display any more. There are other weird things but this wasn't happening before.

    Seems more like a construct bug than anything I have changed. But I'm also a complete noob. So there's that.

    Thanks for reading.

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  • You know in "Ocarina of Time" When like, you're going through the Water Temple for the first time and you've wrecked like, 3 N64 controllers trying to figure out where that stupid treasure chest with the key is? Well apparently I had my Player object set to global=yes...

    see? noob...

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