How do I fix "no projects supported by nuget"?

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  • Hi, I am following this guide on publishing to XBox Live:

    I got to this step:

    [quote:11esnjpp]Setting up Visual Studio

    Once you have exported from Construct, you'll have a Visual Studio solution that you can open. Once you open it in Visual Studio you'll need to make a couple more changes for Xbox Live support to work.

    First of all you need to install the Xbox Live package. Do this by right-clicking the project item in the Solution Explorer (which has the name of your project) and choosing Manage NuGet Packages... Switch to the 'Browse' tab and search for Xbox Live. Select the package named:

    And when I open my .sln file in Visual Studios it says "No projects supported by NuGet in the solution." (screenshot below)

    Which is causing me to believe I exported or set up my file incorrectly. Has anyone run into this yet?

    Running Visual Studio version 15.3.5, and Construct 2 version 247.

  • Still having issues with this. Anyone?

  • It might be due to the Windows 10 SDK version you have installed.

    • Open your .jsproj file in Notepad, and search for <TargetPlatformVersion>
    • It probably says 10.0.10240.0. Replace the 10240 with 14393, so it says 10.0.14393.0 (you can leave the <TargetPlatformMinVersion> at 10240).
    • Save the file, close it, and then open the solution in Visual Studio again. It should hopefully load now.

    If that doesn't work, instead of 14393 try 15063. It depends on which Windows 10 SDK you have installed, which you might not know if Visual Studio automatically installed it for you.

  • Thanks Studio Mercato! That fixed it!

    Now I have another question, I finished the setup and tested and it all works through Visual Studios, but the guide: ... n-uwp-apps

    Does not show how to actually turn it into a .xap, .appx, .appxbundle, or .appxupload file which Microsoft requires to upload.

    I've hit both Deploy and Build on my project, but I don't see any options for creating one of those files. I'll keep poking around, but any help is appreciated!


  • In my poking around I found I need to rightclick the file> store>create app packages,

    But now I'm getting a new error about images:

    Any idea how I can create these images or get rid of the line that references them so I can get it to create my app package?


  • Glad it worked! Was it 14393 or 15063 that worked for you?

    For your new question: I actually had our own icon images ready, but I thought that the default images were enough to run, I don't remember running into those errors during testing.

    • In Visual Studio, in the project, try opening the package.appxmanifest (in the View Designer, not the XML code).
    • Go to the Visual Assets tab, and see if you can resolve the missing assets there. I would think the necessary assets should already be either in the images folder, or the root folder..
    • Or you can try opening the package.appxmanifest in XML code mode (right-click on it and select View Code), and try deleting the tags that are referencing the assets. But I haven't tried this myself.
  • Thanks again Studio Mercato! Everything you've said so far has worked flawlessly, you're amazing.

    It was the 15063 that worked for me.

    Now my game is almost completely done and ready, except:

    (says: "This product requires a valid Xbox Live configuration. Address any configuration errors before submitting to certification. " and the submit button is grayed out)

    Ugh, I guess one more issue!

    If you happen to know the answer to this one, let me know. I'm going to keep poking and googling around!


    It may be because Microsoft hasn't actually agreed that I'm a person yet:

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  • Again, mind saying which method I wrote above worked for you? <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile"> I'm making educated guesses, but would be useful to know exactly what problems people are actually having.

    For your latest issue, I have not encountered that error. But just to confirm, in your Construct game are you actually utilizing the XBox Live plugin?

    In this link, a Microsoft employee says to make sure you enabled the XBox Live service in Dev Center. ... ogram-game

    You can also try asking in this forum, Microsoft engineers will probably be quick to respond. ... boxlivedev

  • Ah sorry Studio,

    I added in the images in the Visual Assets tab as you recommended.

    Yes the XBox Live Plugin is added, and it has the Title ID and SCID filled out.

    I found that stackoverflow link too, and was just considering using that very forum!

    I'll post there now,

    Thanks Studio Mercato, I appreciate all the help!

  • I meant, in the Xbox Live plugin are you actually calling "Sign in", "Request Profile Info", etc. I think Microsoft actually checks to make sure you're using the Xbox Live service before accepting your game.

    But if the issue was they're still confirming your account, then cool. Hope it works out!

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