How do I fix this "bug?" ?

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  • Hello,

    I´m making a platform game, I have a problem and I dont know how to solve this:

    I´m using two tiled background to simulate the floor. (I dont know if there is a better way to make this (and not repeat a sprite for all the layout.) This is my problem:

    1. The sprite number 1, is a tiled background with solid behavior, where the player walks. It is on the Background (0) layer

    2. The sprite number 2, is tiled background ("the grass") and it is on a superior layer (3) and it has no behavior, it is only for cover the edge of the sprite 1. When I go to another layout, or restart the actual layout (because the player is dead or something), the sprite 2 dissapears or go to the bottom and I dont know why

    Could this be a bug?

    I´m using tiled background because I need to repear the sprite all on the layout and I dont know how to make for repeating the sprite without repeating 1012937123245345 times the same sprite

    Please help me!

    Thaank you!

  • If possible can you post your capx please so I can see what is going on or see this demo.

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  • thank you Lordshiva1948, but this is not the solution I was looking for because the grass is just a normal sprite and with that i cant repeat the sprite along the X axis =S!

  • try adding line Grass sprite bring on forward layer or make your grass layer 2 instead 3

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