How do I fix polygon collisions?

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  • I am trying to get my game to run so I can test it however this happens every time I tried to test it. I'm guessing it has something to do with the Polygon Collision boxes I have set, but I don't know. It's says they my polygon collisions boxes are overlapping something but I don't know.

  • Use the bottom button on the left side of the image editor to change the polygon.. ... ons-editor

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  • I have done the Polygons are fine I just done understand the problems.

  • A screenshot of your problem would be useful in order to help you because your problem is not very clear.

  • I have done the Polygons are fine I just done understand the problems.

    Did you change the polygons for every frame of every animation of every sprite?

    If you did and the message still is displayed it might be a good idea to make a screenshot of it..

  • Try just copying and pasting, this is my polygon set up.

    And this is the error:

  • Oh... now I see.

    Seems like your project is broken.

    Do all the characters animations and frames have the same collision points? Because you have to set it for every frame and animation of all your characters.

    Are you using third parties plugins?

    Did you modified C2 projects files manually with a text editor?

  • This warning only shows when your polygons are overlapping at some point..

    Look at the polygons for all objects with the physics behaviour

    Look at every frame of every animation if there are more than one frame or animation

    make sure there are no overlapping or almost overlapping points within the polygons

    change the physics from collision-polygon to bounding box or circle for square and circular objects..

    If there are still issues, turn of the physics behaviour for one of the objects at a time to find out which of them is causing the problem..

  • GamerGon Yes they do have the same collision points, I am not using 3rd party plugins and no I didn't modify the C2 project files.

    LittleStain, I have made sure that none of the polygons overlap at any points and I have checked every frame of the animation, I shall try changing the physics.

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