How To Fix Phonegap IAP Error 4983507

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  • When I run my app via phonegap and try to test IAP get: "scirra iap error (only reported in test mode): restore failed with code 4983507" on signing in. I googled it and I saw that it may mean it can't connect to itunes store? I put an even where on store listing failed or store not available it will play a beeping sound, but it seems to be fine. Any ideas???

  • Hey thedigitalchamp,

    I've got the same error message! Have you find a solution to this problem?


  • BabelChild I saw your Personal Message to me and I came across this thread at the same time. So why don't you both do a checklist of the lists below:

    1) Did you both install your app using "TestFlight"? Install your app using TestFlight go read my tutorial under Page 3, the top post. I explained the instructions on how to install testflight and get your app installed using test flight

    2) Did you already add the In-App Purchase product in iTunes Connect? If you haven't go to iTunes Connect >> Apps>> Your apps>> "In - App Purchase" Tab >> Create new product

    3) If you have more than one Product ID the recommended way to add it is within one line instead of two lines for example :

    "On Start of Layout > ADD PRODUCT ID "PRODUCT 1,PRODUCT2" each product IDs must be separated with Commas and it should have no space after each comma.

    4) When you install the app using TestFlight before you try testing your IAP product in your game, go to your iOS Device settings and logout from the "iTunes & App Store", leave it blank, go to your game, click the IAP Product, if it works it'll ask you to create an account or use existing apple ID... click "Use Existing Apple ID" login using your "SandBox Account"

    5) Creating a sandbox account...

    Log In to your iTunes Connect account

    Go to Users & Roles

    Go to Sand Box Account Tab and create your own sandbox account

    You can put whatever email name and password since this is going to be a test account.

    Now, if you have all of these checked and if it still doesn't work, let me know.

  • Thanks man, appreciate your awesome help! I started to work on the checklist, I will come back soon if I completed all.

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  • ondraayyy Hi! Finally managed to check all the things on your list. Hell Apple likes to make things difficult. Nevertheless my app works with TestFlight, hurray. The original error message disappeared, however scirra IAP still doesn't seem to work.

    I have checked all the things on your list, besides that I tried to turn on/off test mode in the IAP object. I have an event if the store listing failed/successed It should set visible an error/success message (simple text objects), but nothing happens.

    Maybe I have to send my App to beta review or something?


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