How do I fix this Persist x Platformer issue?

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  • I have an "Enter Room" event. Put simply, if you're overlapping a door and hit the "Up Arrow" key, you'll be transported to a new layout.

    There's an issue though, and I can't figure it out. I've checked everywhere in my events, and I've found nothing, so all I'm asking is if someone knows a workaround for this issue.

    My platformer character has "Default Controls" set to "Disabled". All of my controls are simulated using events. All you need to know is that "Space" is the jump button, while "Up Arrow" is the Default Jump button (Which is disabled)

    When you enter, for example, a house, you'll be teleported to a new layout. The Platforming character has the "Persist" behavior, so he'll be in the same place where we left him when we come back.

    Upon entering the house, you can move around like normal, just like before you went into the house.

    HOWEVER, once you return to the previous map through the door, there will be a problem. The default "Up Arrow" "Jump" controls are now enabled for some reason. (This works the same way as if you were to start in the house and go to the main level, and then return to the house.)

    There's not even an event action that allows you to enable the default controls, so I have no idea why they've suddenly become enabled again.

    Thanks for your advice in advance!

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, if you don't use the "Persist" behavior on the platforming character, this issue doesn't happen. That's why I assume it's a problem with Persist.

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  • - I believe that the Persist Behavior in Construct2 r227 has nothing to do with the problem because it is totally working fine. And your details is too limited compare to a .capx or atleast a screenshot. I am only guessing here since I can't really tell what is the exact problem.

    *Did you make sure that all the sprite instances have their default controls deactivated? Try to check it again.

    *And also try to update your C2 version to r227 and try if it works.

    *Check your events again if possible that you made an action "set to enabled".

    I made my own test of the persist behavior based on your details and it is totally working fine. I can make sure here that the Persist Behavior is working fine in C2 r227. ... ile%2ccapx

  • Fixed! After I updated it, it started to work. Thank you very much

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