How do I fix this Pathfinding issue?

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  • Hi there,

    I'll try to put this as simply - I am having some issues with Pathfinding, namely, the Complete Regeneration of the Pathfinding map.

    My game - the facts:

    • I have a game with TWO maps, each one is an individual Layout.
    • Both maps are constructed using various "Solid" objects to form a Maze.
    • Map ONE and map TWO have different mazes.
    • All pathfinding is done by DEFAULT to only use SOLID objects as a barriers.

    Here is the sequence of events with the issue in BOLD:

    • Main Menu - Click "Map 1"

    Map 1

    • On Start of Layout -> Regenerate pathfinding map
    • All objects can pathfind around using the expected behaviour, not colliding with any of the solid objects or overlapping them.
    • End of "Map 1" -> Go to Layout "Map 2"

    Map 2

    • On Start of Layout -> Regenerate entire pathfinding map.
    • Objects now proceed to use the pathfinding map from "Map 1"!!! I.e. walking through all the solid objects as if nothing had changed.

    How can I fix this issue?

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  • you need to use the "find path" again instead.

    since its a new layout.

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