How do i Fix this pathfinding issue

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  • ok So i am using two pathfinding behavior one for spawned sort like RTS where you gotta build the Unit and it goes to the rally point of access.

    And the other for select and mouse movement click place ment. Now this part is odd. I can get the spawn one to pathfind the rally and move flawlessly. And I did clear the pathfinding once arrived.

    I did add in a selected target sprite to overlap the unit when created. And then when i go to right click the spot where i placed a sprite for the unit to pathfind into.

    Now this part is weird as hell. I checked the Debug on the pathfinder.....Spawn work and cleared. The Mouse click movement is showing it's path is found and claim that its moving. But the speed remain at zero and is not moving at all.

    Both pathfinder behavior is unchanged and has the same variable stat. Sooooo what is going on do i need to post a capx or has someone encounter this before.

    (solved) you can delete this post I found out that when i was using overlapping behavior I sent it in an infinite looping of finding the path which would cause it to try to find but alway finding and not moving.

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