How do I fix pathfind and line of sight? Crashes with a bug

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  • Hello guys, I've been having some strange issues and I don't understand why sometimes the logic goes insane in construct 2. I don't know if I can post links, if I can't I'll edit with *** as www and com so you can check what I mean and see my capx.

    I've been using a tutorial for pathfinding, it kinda worked but was overcomplex in my opinion and I was trying to find a way to have a respawn without having all the enemies on top of me trying to pathfind. I decided then to try and rewrite the pathfind using the line of sight behaviour, and it doesn't work AND it crashes the game with an error. I'm running on release 200 since I'm studying in a game design course and on the lab pcs we have 200 and we can't upgrade it ourselves (only IT can), so I can't upgrade to a newer version. Also can't use any external

    this is the tutorial I used first ... ght?page=1 which worked but it still has issues (enemies sometimes overlap with solid tiles, they clump together, they pathfind while I'm respawning, etc.). ... rking.capx and this is the resulting capx. It works but as said...kinda too many little issues.

    Then I tried to make my own pathfind( ... viour.capx ) but this capx crashes my browser AND they don't actually look for me. Tried with them using the los solid and custom(yes I added the obstacles in the event sheet), I also tried to change the pathfind, I just don't understand how to make it work.

    You can find the logic in the "livelli" layout under pathfinding and LOS. It has italian comments but still, should be understandable.

    I'll be honest, I'm extremely frustrated by some of the logics of construct, a hand would be fantastic since I need to complete everything by the 9th of june and I'm stumped on this since a few days =|

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