How do I fix online multiplayer player 2 controls?

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  • I am trying to get player 2 to perform the same actions as player 1 in an online game.

    When player 1 catches the ball then player 1 can hit the "R" key which will make the player throw the ball. When player 2 tries the same thing but with "]" key then nothing happens. The "R" key makes player 1 dash without the ball and the "]" key makes player 2 dash without the ball.

    Movement keys are:

    Player 1: wasd

    Player 2: ijkl

    There is also a bug where if player 2 hits player 1's movement keys then it will make player 1's paddle look like it is moving a little.


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  • Anyone know how to fix it, please?

    I was really counting on having online multiplayer in the game. I feel that if these two problems were fixed then I should be able to add everything else in the game.

  • I feel like I have tried everything I ca think of and still can't get it to work.

    Any help is appreciated.

  • Do you really need multiplayer with that control? I don't think you need it if you're having players to play on the same keyboard.

  • I should have entered the same keys for player 1 and 2 since it is online and shouldn't matter. This is for an online match.

    I want player 2 to be able to throw the ball by using the same button that player 2 uses to dash to work online. I am not sure why that when player 2 has the ball then player 2 won't throw it back to player 1.

    When player 2 uses player 1 movement keys online for some reason you can see player 1's paddle move a little bit, I am unsure what to do about that.

  • Can't really tell why because I'm not really dissecting your capx, but my understanding is, your p1control event sheet is conflicting with the controls. You might want to assign those p1control with getbit/setbit as well.

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