How do I fix object randomly spawning?

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  • I'm developing a top-down space shooter, and I have a mechanic in which when the player's "Score" variable reaches 10, it spawns one new enemy type and keeps spawning when one is killed.

    I have done this by creating a variable called "UFOSpawn" which by default is set to 0, and sets to 1 when the players score reaches 10. When said variable is set to 1, the system will spawn the enemy type. If on

    I have done this using the following method:


    Creating a variable called "UFOSpawn", default value 0.

    System>Score=10>Set "UFOSpawn" to 1

    [GROUP "UFOSpawn":]

    [System>Group "UFOSpawn" = Active>Create object UFO on Layer 1 at random]

    System>UFOSpawn = 1>Set Group "UFOSpawn" Activated

    System>UFOSpawn < 1>Set Group "UFOSpawn" Deactivated

    UFO On created>Set UFOSpawn to 0


    When I run the layout, for some reason one UFO object spawns in a random location even when Score = 0.

    What am I doing wrong?

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  • Try setting the group inactive in a start of layout event action. It may be starting activated.

    Another simpler way to do this is instead of putting it in a group to use the variable as a condition in your spawn event.

    [System>Group "UFOSpawn" >Create object UFO1 on Layer 1 at random]


    (nested)[blank condition]

    (nested)[Else] > Create object UFO2 on Layer 1 at random]

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