How do I fix NW.JS Filepath issues?

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  • Hello everyone!

    I haven't used NWJS as I have just straight HTML exports so I have recently run across an issue.

    I have a small file that I compile into NWJS. After opening it (not preview mode), I set it up to allow me to drag and drop a XML file from my local hard drive which then uses that DroppedFile path in an AJAX call to then load into XML.

    On my PC, it works flawlessly. The file path works and loads into the XML plugin.

    On my Mac, I just get

    GET chrome-extension://ejddneclfgbfbpkjnanlnfdephgigobo/Users/nick/Documents/os…ntents/Versions/47.0.2526.73/ net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND

    when trying to use the DroppedFile path in the AJAX call. Is there something I need to do differently with Mac for this file path to work? For reference, I also have a FileChooser option and selecting that same file from there it loads the AJAX call fine. Only difference is that the call has the blob: in front of it.

    Anyone have quick snap ideas or reasons for the Mac version to act like that?


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