How do I Fix nodewebkit export loading bar turning red?

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  • While in preview, I have no issues loading the game in Nodewebkit or chrome or firefox but when I export, the loading bar instantly jumps to 66% loaded and turns red. Another point of interest is that when I turn off preload all sounds option, the red bar loads all the way but stops at 100%

    I've had 0 issues with node webkit in the past, and this just started recently. The only things I've changed recently is just the multiplayer code and I've added lots of new sprite assets.

    I'm not using any new plugins or behaviors that I haven't always been while it worked. I even updated them all to be sure. I noticed node webkit wasn't loading only after the release r183. I would report a bug, but i can't seem to reproduce this bug in a new project.

    so....any ideas?

  • I have figured out that an image is not loading properly, but the name of the image is just ".png" which doesnt help since there is no ".png" anywhere in the project.

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  • If you can reproduce the issue in a new project please file it as a bug report.

  • I submitted one today. It was a 1x1 pixel image causing the problem. As a work around I just increased its size to 4x4

  • Im having the same problem on Chrome 46.0.2490.80 m

    Construct2 r212.2

    export method: html 5

    this project its a based on a plataformer template and added no more of 3 images, its an example to, tis almost 100% a vanila template for plataformer.

    The chrome console shows this error:

    1) Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: Only secure origins are allowed (see: function)

    2) c2runtime.js:112 Error loading image '': Eventa.onerror c2runtime.js:112

    Chrome says the image has 0 bytes of size

    Firefox shows good the image

    I cheded in the FTP files and the image size its 100B

    I think its the 1)

  • I recommend switching to FireFox as it loads 4-5 times faster and runs the game nearly identically to an exported node webkit. This is at least a decent work around until something changes

  • i have this same problem, When i export game i can open (on my 64bit system) from win32 folder game and have red bar but when i open game from win64 folder game dont run

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